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Only With Harvest & Plume and The Cannabis Sessions.

Photos By In-House Photographer - Cesar Benavides

Croptober is a good month for Element Apothec and Harvest & Plume to receive good news at the World CBD Awards. Send good energy!

What's inside this issue?

Element Apothec's Dr. Swathi shares how blackberries benefit your ECS.  Puerto Rico's Finest starts the discussion on skin while Potency No. 710 details dry skin and moisture loss.  

Thistle Therapies explains the three types of CBD so you know what products best serve your health needs - 

Plus, other fun stuff you can only discover inside the Monthly Sesh.

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TribeTokes explains more about the entourage effect and how it helps cannabinoids balance your body in health.  Download the cannabinoid infographic (pg. 16) and be sure to explore the page for ALL of the hidden links!

Learn why psilocybin and DMT are being used for therapeutic purposes; and then discover the many reasons to incorporate poppy seeds into your life.

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